Cisco Port Security

It is becoming more common that the switch has port security turned on.  This means only one MAC can plug into any single port.  It is not a big deal to reset it, but for some reason I could not find a direct answer.  Here is mine; Reset sticky bit Examples; show port-security sh interface […]

Hardening Windows 10

I was looking to see about required services and such and ran across this web site; I was very dubious of it, as the web seems very  simple, but it still had great information.  I did contact the owner, and I have used the link, and I will say at this time this appears […]

Physical Security is Just as Important

So this is my effort to consolidate references.  I often read stories the inform my opinions, but forget where the references are. So here are my first two; DarkVishnya: Banks attacked through direct connection to local network By Sergey Golovanov on December 6 “In 2017-2018, Kaspersky Lab specialists were invited to research a series of cybertheft incidents. Each attack […]