When trying to install with an MSI the Visio package with an already existing ‘Click-to-run’ install of Office 365, you will often get the error of:

We found a problem!We’re sorry, Microsoft Office installer encountered a problem because you have these Click-to-Run installer based Office programs installed on your computer:Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus – en-usWindows Installer and Click-to-Run editions of Office don’t get along for this version, so you can only have one type installed at a time. Please try installing the Click-to-Run edition of Office instead, or uninstall your other Click-to-Run based Office programs and try this installation again.ok

The solution here is a special install using the command line and a config xml file with OTD.

  • Download the OTD and extract to I:\OTD
  • Modify your config file
  • Place I:\ODT\Office\Data\16.0.8431.2250 (it should have these files)
  • run I:\OTD\setup.exe /configure config.xml
  • License

Creating the Config.xml may cause some issues, but it is pretty straight forward.  Here is one I know works;


<Add OfficeClientEdition=”64″ Channel=”Broad”>
<Product ID=”VisioStdXVolume”>
<Language ID=”en-us” />

<Display Level=”Full” AcceptEULA=”TRUE” />


After you have it installed, you can use the Technet License to get it licensed temporarily.  I found that the license blocks a bunch of stuff, and deactivates pretty fast, same day.  I ended up going to my MS portal and getting the license that was labeled as (C2R-P), and this worked fine.



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