I love the N version, nice and clean and smooth.  but sometimes you need to add some of the parts back.  With this patch, you can;


I got the following table from here, that tells you what is in it;

The media-related features that are not provided in N editions of Windows 10 include, but are not limited to, the following.

Feature Description
Windows Media Player user experience Enables Windows Media Player features, such as the ability to play media files and audio CDs, manage media in a library, create a playlist, provide media metadata (including album art), create an audio CD, transfer music to a portable music player, and play streamed content from the website.
Windows Media Player ActiveX control Exposes methods and properties for manipulating multimedia playback from a webpage or an app.
Windows Media Format Provides support for the Advanced Systems Format (ASF) file container, the Windows Media audio and video codecs, basic network streaming capability, and digital rights management (DRM).
Windows Media DRM Enables the secure delivery of protected content for playback on a computer, portable device, or network device.
Media sharing and Play To. Enables music, pictures, and videos on a networked computer to be shared with other computers and devices on the same network. Also enables computers to find those kinds of files on the network.
Media Foundation Provides support for content protection, audio and video quality, and interoperability for DRM.
Windows 8.1 Portable Devices (WPD) infrastructure Communicates with attached media and storage devices, including devices that support the Media Transfer Protocol.
MPEG, WMA, AAC, FLAC, ALAC, AMR, and Dolby Digital audio codecs Enable the playback of digital audio content, such as MP3, WMA, MPEG-2 audio, AAC audio, FLAC and ALAC audio, and AC-3 audio.
VC-1, MPEG-4, H.264, H.265, and H.263 codecs “Standards-based codec components” that enable Windows 10 software experiences such as Windows Media Player to support activities that include the playback and creation of multimedia files that are encoded with standards-based codecs.
Groove A preinstalled app that is used to play digital music.
Video A preinstalled app that is used to play digital video.
Voice Recorder A preinstalled app that is used to recording sounds.
Skype A preinstalled app that is used for messaging and communications.

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