Recently we had an issue with Platonics headsets working fine, then disconnecting after a short time.  After extensive trouble shooting, we found that firmware was the culprit.  Here is what I did to update the firmware for individual or single phones;

  • First get the firmware you need, in my case I had to have Cisco give it to me.  Then extract the files, twice, until you get the .sbn and .loads files.  there should be 8-12 ish of them.  Also note, the SIP and SCCP are different files.
  • Now you need to upload these files to the CUCM environment (one by one, per server in my case) and then restart the tftp service.

The new firmware is now available to CUCM

  • Now to apply it, you need to go here(NOTE!  this WILL reboot the phone)

If you want to apply this to all phones, and then reboot them all, go here;

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