I am a little surprised that I am writing this, as I had this document in my archives, but apparently not.  So here goes

In Office 365, you can set up a data stream from on site to the cloud in Azure, this is called a data gateway.  There is some documentation, but it actually took me a little while to catch some of the nuance.

Here is where I got the Howto’s


You are free to read the gory details of how to go about it, but here are the tricks that you need to keep in mind;

  • Create a licensed service account with an email, I think it requires an E5, but this needs to be validated.
  • You need to install an application on one of your onsite servers
  • Firewall obviously
  • Configure the app with the service account.
  • There are some useful testing utilities here
  • Log into O365 account with the service account, and it is here that you will find the menus that are referenced in the link.

So, after this has been done, you may find the need to reset the password for this service account.

  • Reset the domain password
  • Restart the gateway app on the local server.  Login from here and validate it connects
  • Login to O365 with the service account, and reset the password under connections.  You will find it at the bottom after you scroll down.

Anyway, this is all follow up or I would have better notes.  Maybe if I have to do this again I will come back and update this 🙂

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