I had a user report they could not login with an error of “The account has been deactivated“.  I tried the regular stuff, but the domain account was fine, and the LDAP connection was also fine.  It turns out that the user may have been moved in the OU structure, or something else made WHD deactivate it, and you can only reactivate via direct DB query.  Since I am using a built in DB with PostGRESQL, I used this tool (with user:whd and pass:default);

a. Navigate to <Web Help Desk>/pgsql9/bin/pgadmin3.exe and run the pgadmin3 program
b. In the pgadmin3 program go to file > add server
c. In the pgAdmin3 New Server Registration window, enter only the following parameters in Properties, leaving the other fields empty or with default data:
Name: whd
Host: localhost
Port: 20293
Username: whd
Password: whd 
d. After you are connected, in the pgAdmin3 Object Browser, expand Servers/whd/Databases/whd 
e. Click the SQL Queries icon on the tool bar

and then ran this query, pay special attention to the ticks, it failed without them;

Update client set inactive=’0′ where user_name=’MrTestty’

User unable to login to Solarwinds WHD.

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